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       西安赛谱自动化仪表技术有限公司xi’an Saipu  Automation  Instrument Technology Co.Ltd(赛谱自仪)成立于西安市高新区。是一家集工业自动化产品仪器仪表的科研开发、生产制造、市场营销及工程服务为一体的综合型高新技术企业。同时依托于电子工程研究所、电子实验研究所、等大型科研单位并与西安交通大学,西北工业大学等高校形成长期科研合作关系。 
      公司是国内最早从事气体分析仪表,流量仪表、液位仪表、压力仪表系列产品的研发、设计、制造的品牌厂家之一。现已形成丰富的产品系列:气体分析仪表(化学、磁氧、红外、热导等)露点微水分析(维萨拉vaisala、密析尔Michell 、美国菲美特phymetrix等)固定式及便携式气体检测报警仪(霍尼韦尔、华瑞等)气体在线分析成套系统流量仪表(电磁、涡街、涡轮、V锥、超声波等)液位仪表(雷达液位计、超声波液位计、磁翻板液位计、磁致伸缩液位计、液位控制器等).产品广泛应用于石油、石化、电力、化工、冶金、造纸、环保、食品、水处理、等领域,拥有包括中石化(47420050)、中煤能源集团(20180301384)、华能电力(1101297)、东方希望集团(06101010312)、大唐热电、延长石油、兴化集团、陕煤化集团、大秦环保、华陆科技等众多国内外知名企业在内的上千家客户并积累了丰富的案例,能为不同行业的用户提供专业、高效的解决方案。

     Xi 'an Saipu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Xi'an High-tech Zone. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, manufacturing, marketing and engineering services of industrial automation products instrumentation. At the same time, it relies on the Institute of Electronic Engineering, the Institute of Electronic Experimental Research, and other large-scale scientific research units, and forms long-term scientific research cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest University of Technology and other universities.

The company is engaged in gas analysis instruments, flow meters, liquid level instruments, pressure instrument series of products research and development, design, manufacturing one of the brand manufacturers. A rich range of products has been formed: gas analysis instruments(chemistry, magnetooxygen, infrared, thermal conductivity, etc.) dew point microwater analysis(Visala, Michal Michelle, United States Philmetrix, etc.) Fixed and portable gas detection alarms(Honeywell, Huarui, etc.) gas online Analyze the complete set of systems, flow instruments(electromagnetic, Vortex, turbine, V cone, ultrasonic, etc.) liquid level instruments(radar liquid level meter, ultrasonic liquid level meter, magnetic plate liquid level meter, magnetostrictive liquid level meter, liquid level controller, etc.). Products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemicals, electricity, chemicals, metallurgy, papermaking, environmental protection, food, water treatment, and other fields. It includes Sinopec(47420050), China Coal Energy Group(20180301384), Huaneng Power(1101297), Oriental Hope Group(06101010312), Datang Thermal Power, Extending Oil, Xinghua Group, Shaanxi Coal Group, Daqin Environmental Protection, Hualu Technology and many other well-known domestic and foreign companies. Thousands of customers and accumulated a wealth of cases, can provide professional and efficient solutions for users in different industries.

The game spectrum instrument is based on the concept of "human-based, quality-oriented, user-oriented, and common development", providing users with advanced products while providing high-quality, all-round after-sales service. Provide sustainable, high performance, stable and reliable products for automation and control!
     We look forward to our flexible marketing mechanism, sophisticated equipment, stable product performance, quality technical services, and you work together to create a brilliant instrument industry tomorrow!

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